Gravity Defyer Men's Galaxy II

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Gravity Defyer Men's Galaxy II
Gravity Defyer Galaxy II sets a new standard for comfort footwear. You'll be amazed how the combination of our exclusive VS2 VersoShock Trampoline sole and the Galaxy's soft and lushly padded upper work together to chase away discomfort. Feel free to explore and experience all life has to offer as this wonderful footwear makes every step seem effortless. Compare it to any contemporary shoe. More shock absorption. More energy return. Try them today to experience the Gravity Defyer difference yourself. Gravity Defyer
- Your leg, back, and feet problems are soon to be a thing of the past thanks to Gravity Defyer shoes. The advanced VersoShock Trampoline Technology allows you to virtually eliminate the negative effects of gravity and walking on hard surfaces. Gravity Defyer Galaxy II Black/Yellow Mesh Men's Shoe Features include: VS2 VersoShock Sole Sock-like One-piece Breathable Mesh Upper Durable reinforced toe and heel guards reduces scuffing and wear. Galaxy class 8 point lacing for a perfect fit. Removable Insoles For Custom Orthotic Inserts Relieve Discomfort Absorb Harmful Shock Improve posture Feel Rejuvenated Adds 1 3/4 inches to height Leg fatigue, lower back pain and even headaches can result from standing and walking in shoes that fail to provide the combination of support and cushioning required by the user. The reciprocating power of Gravity Defyer footwear absorbs the painful shock of each step and returns that energy to you as you take your next step. Gravity Defyers Help: Feet Achilles Tendonitis Bunions Foot and Ankle Pain Hammertoes Heel Pain / Heel Spurs Over Pronation (Flat feet) Plantar Fasciitis Leg Pain Back Pain Disc Disease
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